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SELAH~ Definition

an expression occurring frequently in the Psalms, thought to be a liturgical or musical direction, probably a direction by the leader to raise the voice or perhaps an indication of a pause.


As I was Pondering the expression of Words through the expression of this Art piece made, The Lord was stirring my heart and ministering to me through this piece. He was reminding me of several things that encouraged me to pass along to you all. Selah in this piece is pausing and reflecting on His promises. Why then I thought to take time out to pause and reflect ? Reflecting and mediating on His Word and or Prophetic words given to us will cause a faith to arise as we begin to believe that yes, all things are possible, that yes, he said in his word that he would perform it, that yes, God is NOT a liar and when He says He is going to do something in you or for you ,then believe that he will do it. (Rd- Jeremiah 1:12)

His Word has a bunch of collective testimonies of past peoples before our time who has a story to tell that God heals, delivers, saves, reveals and gives hope.  (Rd- Revelation 12:11)  They too were given prophetic words over their life, or situation and for some did not see it come to pass until years later.

The ingredient they had in words spoken to them through the prophets was believe. As it says in scripture believe in the Lord's prophets and you will prosper (RD- 2 Chronicles 20:20) .  "Believe" is spoken 289 times in the Word.

The Israelites were given several promises over the years by God and some did not see it come to pass in their life time, however it still came to pass in God's time line such as a recent of our day with Israel becoming a nation in a day in 1946. ( Rd- Isaiah 66:7-8)

God sets His word to perform it. And our requirement is to believe him and hold unto His word, His promises. And specific words spoken over us by the Lord's prophets. Paul reminded Timothy of prophetic words spoken to him as in scripture: (RD- 1 Timothy 1:18)

And As we take our Selah moment in His word, God is reminded us still today of His promises to us. If you have not received a prophetic word, then Read His word and grab promises from His word and remind him of those promises. Read His WORD and GRAB His Promises from it regardless if you received a prophetic word or not.  ( Rd- 1 Timothy 4:5) Pray through the word of God. And He will set to perform it.

 I have a few testimonies in my life that God promised something to me of my heart's desire as He is glad to give us the desire's of heart as written his word:  ( RD-Psalm 37:4)

 Here is just 1 of the many testimonies that I will share  about my little girl ' Gracie'. Back in winter of 2000' I was a young mother already to my first son who was about 4 at the time. He shared with me at the age of 3yrs that he wanted a bother.  I knew my husband wasn't ready at that time, so I said let's pray him in. So every night for over a year we prayed for his future sibling. And by the winter of 2000 God showed me a vision of my family and I saw that one day I would have a girl. I then became pregnant of my second child to which God answered the prayers of my son and He got his brother. I was happy to have another son to which he came in Sept. of 2002'

Shortly after I longed for another child in which the vision was given. In hopes of my girl I saw. I thought surely soon this would happen, but it just wasn't God's time line. And I ached for her to come into my life as that vision was a seed planted. I would write it down as it says in - ( Read- Habakkuk 2:2-3) and Pray her in. The Lord was faithful over the next  8 years in sending different people from different places we lived at due to prior military moves  and God would encourage me that my girl is coming. She ( Grace) came on time in Sept. 2010. And I was then blessed with another Girl in 2013.  I took several Selah moments in His word over my heart's desire's and prayed it in, and I got a double portion of blessing because of it.

So I encourage you today to pause and reflect on His word, and those promises of prophetic words spoken to you as it will surely come to pass. Don't let it go but trust that God is NOT dead and He is still alive and he WILL set to perform His word.

How do we know what he has promised unless we take time to spend it reading in His word. If you're like I was in some seasons of hard to read and get much into the WORD, ,I was able to press in through reading it out loud, and by listening to it in audio as the Word says: Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the WORD of GOD. Your Spirit will begin to get nourished once again and you'll then developed a good habit of Getting into His Word. As that seed will grow into a strong tree planted by living waters in your soul.

May You have your Selah Moments and be encouraged today.


" Selah" The Hebrew above the word Selah is written in Hebrew for the same word 'Selah" And the art piece represents one who pauses and reflects on God's word and His Promises. The Tree is planted by living waters, It's Decorated in Treasures like the Pearls as  in Scripture of the Pearl about heaven, the Heart shaped watch as meaning spending time with him day and night as my heart is set on him. And the Star of David is meaning His Symbol of history and that He (Jesus is still Jewish) And my heart has been and still remains for the Jews. And then there is the word of God that the lion of Judah is resting on as is the Bride in the night reading in her hand. Jesus is the Lion of Judah and His presence is with her. The Bride looks with her eyes opened and heart rested as she reflects on His Word, On His Promises. And the Image shows both day light and Night as to show His Presence is with her day and Night.
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