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“To Save a Life”

“To Save a Life”

This Subject will primarily be on saving a life – coupled with Life after death testimonies along with resource links to help. Let God Heal You!

To Save a Life:

I wrote this to reach out to the lost souls, the hurting ones, to save a life. To Say God loves you. He sees your pain. He is the answer to help you.

To Save a LIFE

~First to those who have lost hope and a will to live:

Your life is worth living. You are important. God loves you. You are perfectly and wonderfully made. You have a purpose to live. You weren’t an accident. You aren’t a mistake. No matter how you were created and formed in your mother’s womb, God took the 2 Cells that became one and made something beautiful. He made you.

Don’t give up on this life because you think that life has given up on you. God hasn’t given up on you. He sees your pain. He loves you. He knew that you would be reading this. He is calling you to experience what life he created you to have if you just trust him. Your life will never be the same again when you let Jesus be Lord and savior of your life. He promises to never leave you nor forsake you. He promises to give you a future with a Hope.

Need Help: check the resources on the Blog post: 4himpaintings Delivered from Darkness, as that can help set you free from Suicidal thoughts, pains of the past, and much more. Plus~ Christian Counseling services:   ~ Freedom and healing counseling ministries:

 ~Secondly to those who lost a life do to an abortion:

God forgives you as you have taken the steps asking him to forgive you. Your child is in Heaven now with him. They have a safe place among other children who didn’t have a chance at life. They wait now for you to be with them someday. They wait to be held by you and to be given a name. Now knowing that your forgiven by God, forgive yourself also, as Jesus and your child would say let go of the guilt and shame. Allow Jesus to heal the place in your heart where it was taken when your child was no more.

GET YOUR HEART HEALED: Testimonies and Help for those who lost their Child or were thinking about abortions:   ~Grief support:  ~encouraging you also to get Inner Healing as you can check resources page on Blog post: 4himpaintings Delivered from Darkness.
Wonderfully Made-BOY
~Thirdly to those who lost a life do to a Miscarriage:

Your child is alive. Your child has a place with God. And they look forward to the day when they can see you again and to the day when they are held by you and given a name. Jesus and your child would say to let go of the guilt, shame, and possible Anger against God or against any other persons. Forgive. 

Wonderfully Made-Girl
Allow Jesus to heal the place in your heart where it was taken when your child was no more.
GET YOUR HEART HEALED: Encouraging you to get Inner Healing you can also check resources page on Blog post: 4himpaintings Delivered from Darkness. Plus- Support for those who lost a baby or a miscarriage: And -Grief support:

Angel of LOVE

~Lastly to those who lost loved ones:

There is life after death. ~A Heaven and a Hell. God knows for sure who is with him now, to some - you may already know. But to the rest, you can know for sure in this life now, by accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior. For the Bible says: I am the way, The Truth and LIFE and no one comes to the father but through me (John 14:6). You can read more on this Subject with other blog post written on the saving Grace of Jesus Christ, heaven and Hell Listed in previous posts. Plus below is Life after Death experiences of TRUE STORIES of those who DIED and went to HEAVEN and Or HELL. Here their Testimony!

How to Get Saved:

All about God:
Reading the Bible online:

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Life is in the Blood

To Save a Life~
You’re a life worth saving-
Kingdom Artist
Jen Page

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Delivered from Darkness

Delivered from Darkness-

Now living in FREEDOM!

Freedom that I’m referring to in this Blog is Freedom from Sin, and Death, and Freedom from the torment of darkness. Part of this is my testimony from the deliverance of Darkness.

God is calling His Bride (The Church) to be without spot or wrinkle before he returns for the Church (the Bride-a metaphor so to speak of the Believers in Christ). As a Christian for over 30 plus years now, I only recently learned in my late 20’s of a Believer in Christ having a demonic spirit. It was rough at first for me to take it in to believe that I had the enemy (Satan) tormenting me from within. But I learned that He is able to torment a person through the soul (the mind, will and the emotions), and their body.
Set Free

Satan can’t however enter in to a person’s Spirit (Those who receive the Spirit man when they get Saved-Accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior to which some call being born again).

While living in Germany in 2004’, a team of Deliverance ministers came to various church’s teaching the believers that a Christian can have a demon, doing curse breaking and setting the captives Free! For the First time in my Christian walk to which I was already filled and baptized in the Holy Spirit at that time, A Demon had manifested through me, My Body unable to move as though I was in spiritual chains. That thing came out of me, and I began to fill lighter since I first went through the process of getting free. For When it left, More of God’s presence came in.

Since moving back to the USA, to California in 2005’, The Lord lead me to another ministry slightly different in how they lead others to get Free from the bondage of the enemy, but it was very effective and deep to which I had needed at that time from 2005- January 2009.

Like an Onion I was being peeled layer by layer removing the Junk in the Trunk, Removing the strong holds of the enemy. Because of Years of built up of the bondage of the enemies lies and the Generational Curses of the line of my parents, The Lord lead me through more cleansing from the enemy and I’m thankful that I’m under a covering now at my church to which believes in deliverance with a healthy balance of the fivefold ministry as well.

Little by little, territory by territory, I conquered the land in my heart like the Israelites’ conquering the Land little by little in the days of Joshua and the time of the kings in Israel. (Read Old Testament in Holy Bible) I’m reminded that they didn’t get ALL their land all at once in a day, but they took ground conquering more and more the land promised to them.
Freedom Forgiveness

God has thankfully set me free from many different strong holds that I had once had. I’m ready if in the future there is more land to be conquered in me for the Lord to live in. But I’m thankful for what he has done already in my life now. I had a lot of Fears, Rejections, Jezebel, Control, Pride, Anger, addictions as well as other things. ~ A list to which I’m NOT proud of as there was more that I got free from, but I have compassion on those now who need to get Free today, Compassion if they are in the process of getting Free now and Compassion on those who are walking in bondage.

After several sessions or times of going through Inner Healing and Deliverance, I was able to begin to fulfill my calling. The Holy Spirit took more room in my heart filling me up with Faith to begin to run the race in my call. Each time A New layer of the lies of the enemy is removed, The Veil is removed and I see more clearly, my heart is filled up of more of him.

Think of it as a Believer in Christ being a Jar of Sand (The Sand is the Darkness of the enemy) with just enough room on the top to have water (Water represents the Spirit of God). Every time you get set free from the Bondage lie of the enemy to which that strong hold is, you get more sand out of the Jar allowing more room for the Spirit of God to fill the heart of the person.

My heart before Christ’s return is to be without spot or wrinkle.

Breaking Free
I Declare though- I AM FREE! I feel a huge difference from when I first started the process in 2004’, as my mind has also been renewed in Christ, Allowing Holy Spirit to fill me up. More LOVE has entered my heart. More Faith, More of God’s goodness dwelling within me, allowing me to reach out and LOVE others Because God fills my heart with His. I ask Lord for more growing from Glory to Glory.

The Process of Freedom for me was First accepting that I needed to get Free, Breaking Curses off my life, and forgiving the pains of the past bringing healing to the wounded places of my heart (Inner Healing) and then Getting free from the Enemy’s strong hold (Deliverance from a demon) as He then had no longer a legal right to stay since I had made each step prior. Now it’s just staying FREE!

I can only direct you to other links to help you on your journey to get Free. To study for yourself what I’ve experienced. As this was only a nugget given in this Blog, I pray it helped to draw closer to God and understand that ‘Jesus LOVES YOU!!
Forgiven-Record of Sins

~Let Holy Spirit be your guide, He will also confirm his word to you in what I’m saying:

~For some of these Links, I haven’t personally used, but saw them as similar in my experiences that has helped me. Their may be more deliverance ministries that I missed or even curse breaking, but these are but a few you can check out.

~Breaking Family Strongholds - (Breaking Generational Curses)

                        Freemasonry curse breaking -

Ministries you can check out for yourself as I encourage you to research:


Hebrew primitive word meaning to Freedom:  is to be free, be freed

Hebrew primitive word meaning to Deliverance: to leave, go way from one

Music- Jason Upton-“Freedom”

Music-John Waller- Our God Reigns Here!


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Freedom in Christ

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Israel Forever-w/t words

Israel Forever

Israel - Land of Inheritance and Promise

Israel has been for many years a place of controversy, a place where the world has been watching for almost a century because of the ability to broadcast information so quickly with television these days. It is a small piece of land compared to places of America, Canada, Europe, India, and so on. While physically so small, it is so big spiritually in the hearts of people around the world because of the Spiritual Rich history and background which Israel was birthed into at the time the promise was given to Abraham in the book of Genesis. As well as the future to come with Israel with the return of the King.
His Decree

As Israel is a center of the world’s interests, so also the Holy Bible. There has been no middle ground with Israel (Jewish people included) and the Holy Bible because it brings about either a feeling of embrace and love for, or an offense.

Why is it that? The main reason I think it's becuase of  Jesus who is called the Christ, Jesus who is the Messiah, who is also pure Jewish. He came from the land of Israel, The Land promised to the Jewish People by G-D himself when he first spoke to Abraham. A land that was given to the Jewish people in the time when Joshua was their leader right after Moses died. The door was opened for them to receive their land that was promised to them 400 plus years prior. (Referrences from the Books of Gensis to Judges in the Holy Bible)

You get to read all the amazing Testimonies that G-D did since in the Land of Israel; From Samson the strongest man, to King David the slayer of a Giant, Elijah the prophet, to King Solomon the Wises and richest man of his day around the world at that time. To so much more in between until you get to Jesus who came to show us what LOVE looked like, to show us a living example of how to love people, and to LOVE G-D before He died in our place as he was innocent when he chose to die for us because He LOVED us so much thinking of you and me. Thankfully NOW he is Alive, risen as death couldn’t hold him down. Now we can have a relationship with G-D because of Jesus the mediator between G-D and man.

His Return
When Jesus who is Jewish came, He didn’t come to do away with the law, as today I believe He would still do what the word says about the celebration of feasts,Sabbath days and the sorts expect there is no longer a need for the sacrificing of animals as Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice for the atonement for our sins. As some Jewish Scholars think that becoming a believer in the Messiah Jesus means to do away with the law(to which they were given some bad examples over the years by some Christ Followers or those who proclaimed to be,but not a christ follower at all), but that’s NOT true. Jesus even said that he came to fulfill the law as he practiced them During his time on earth from Sabbath to the feasts to be an example to us. One day Jesus will come back as the word says in many scriptures to which you can read at this link
Return of the King-2

 Israel still has a bright future ahead because Jesus is coming back to rule and reign for a thousand years.

Israel Forever-

Right now, I felt lead to write this because of what’s been going on with Israel, and governments getting involved in trying to take away land from the Jewish people to which is rightfully their land. My heart goes out to them, praying for the Peace of Jerusalem. The Shalom of G-D to come on the land. I thought, how we can love on the Jewish people who have been suffering from wars, and more because of lack of support from those in high positions and or terrorists to which have taunted them. Well we can support by praying for them, praying for peace, supporting them in their needs. I may NOT be able to do anything to stop what’s been going on, but prayer may reach the far ends of the earth and touch the lives of the Jewish people or pray also for Those who have lived in kayos and confusion because of their dogma up bringing who have terrorized the Jewish people or cut them off in their ungodly teachings that go against the promise to which the Lord gave the Jewish people.

I’m reminded to which the word says in Genesis 12:3 ~I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you. ”

The Watchman
For G-D who is Merciful is also a righteous Judge. TO which anyone who encouraged having the Jewish people having their land taken away is sowing seeds of that repercussion in their own land.
In Harmony

If you’re a believer who lives in a land to which you support Israel, but the government has failed to support Israel, I encourage you to draw close to G-D and Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, Peace to the people of the land of Israel and ask G-d how you can support them, how you can love on them.  As Christ followers grafted in with the Jewish believers I believe that G-D will protect his people on the Days ahead when Judgment hits as the word will be fulfilled. Remember too that in those days to keep your eyes on Jesus in the midst of trials. Don’t blame G-D for the bad things that happen, for Satan is the one behind evil things that happen.  
Resounding Victory

By the way, this is No surprise to G-D, the end is always victorious, and Jesus will come back to defeat the Devil. For what’s behind such hatred against the Jewish people and Christ followers is the Devil. For the word says in: Eph 6:12  For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

Don’t hate the Muslims either, but instead pray for them, that they too would receive Jesus as their Lord and savior, for the Muslims are also from the seed of Abraham.  They themselves seek heaven and to be right with G-D(although they believe in a different G-D), but they themselves have no assurance of heaven even unto death. So I pray that the Spirit of G-D shows them with his mercy the truth of Jesus who is the Messiah and the Truth of the one true G-D. He is the only way to G-D the maker of heaven and earth, the only way to receive eternal life. As the word says:

John 14:6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

Side note: To the Muslim reader:
You can see the linage of Jesus hear as He is the Messiah to who is a descendant of Abraham: 

Israel Forever-

Israel is G-D Promised Land, and people. Israel still has a future and a place where G-D says that during the thousands years, the people of the earth is to celebrate Feast of Tabernacles. More Scriptures related to the thousand year reign of Christ:

Sounds of the Shofar

Grafted In
The Jewish people and I believe to add to that is those grafted in are the apple of
G-d’s eye. (Read-Zechariah 2:8) I wouldn’t want to poke G-D in the eye by taken away the land, or hurting his people if they end up living elsewhere. Rather I would Love what He LOVES.  I for one Love G-D,Love HIS People,Love the land that is so blessed as his Glory reigned over the land for thousands of years. I support Israel! Israel is Forever!

Below is links to bless you as well as ways you can show your support to Israel.
Praise HIM

Paul Wilbur anointed Messianic Singer will bless you in these songs to which comes from the Holy Bible:

Ministries that support the Jewish people:

54 ways to support Israel-

Kingdom Artist,
Jen Page

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G-D~ is out of respect to the Jewish people. It means "GOD "who is the creator of us all.

The border of the Land in the Art pieces is the fullness of the borders that G-D promised to the Jewish people,NOT the borders of today in the present. As I agree with G-D.

United in Christ
Thank YOU- LET us Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.
Israel Forever

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Decree a Thing

Decree A Thing~

“You will decree a thing and it will be established for you and light will shine on your ways” Job 22:28 “By faith we understand that the worlds were prepared by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things which are visible” Hebrew 11:3

Key to a new sound, letting our voice be heard in decreeing in the heaven what God has already placed in our hearts. Creatively we can do this through the arts in many forms such as music, art, dance, and so on.

Let's create this sound together making a beautiful symphony come together for the world to see Jesus through us. ;-)
Key to a New Sound

Decree is a powerful word, one that has power behind the action causing something to manifest.

Restore Truth in America
America is an example with one having decrees made  by a group of people who held moral right standing values using the Bible as their source. These people were America’s founding fathers taking the Living Word “The Holy Bible” with convictions in their hearts inspired to have the declaration of independence written and laws made before America’s laws were changed in the last 50plus years. Thus America came to be blessed a few hundred years ago.

The Holy Bible itself is full of God Breathe decrees. And the word is still being manifested to which is written so long ago. With 66 books in the Holy word Written by 40 men inspired by God. The word comes together like a harmonious sound.

You see the Love letter by God to each and everyone one of us. You see a prophecy that was made thousands of years ago come to pass in our century such has Israel becoming a nation in a day in 1948.

10 Bible prophecies fulfilled recently

Sword of The Spirit
Prophecies are still waiting to fully be manifested, but it will surely come to pass. As God says in his word, Heaven and earth may pass away but my word will never pass away ~ Matthew 24:35

The bible is also Instructions to live by so that you can walk in His freedom. You get that knowing of assurance that you have a purpose and that purpose revealed, a place to call home as Heaven is your home to those who accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior having an ongoing relationship with him and following his ways.

Decree a thing~

Write  down the revelation (you’re dreams, your prayers, or your decrees, agreeing with God with what he says you can do) as the scriptures fully says here:
Habakkuk 2:2-3 Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it. For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it  will certainly come and will not delay.

Revelation Room
I have put that into practice and have seen results; such as my recent move to this county, to my husband’s salvation praying and believing for 12 years until it came to pass, to my children being here today as I prayed them in writing down the revelation giving to me as the word says he will give us the desire in our heart.

 Ask, seek, knock and the door will be opened to you. I have written it down, asked, prayed it in and see it come to pass. Writing down the things the lord has told me, and seeing them come to pass.

I have expanded that through my art. As I believe that I can use that as a form of written revelation. For a picture speaks a thousand words. I have come to believe even further such as those who sing, or worship and or write down music, or creative acts before the Lord.  

Our words are powerful as the word also talks about in Proverbs 18:21 says, "Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof."

Notice what Jesus said: "But I say unto you, that every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the Day of Judgment. For by thy words thou shall be justified, and by thy words thou shall be condemned" (Mt.12:36-37).

When God said “Let there be Light”, the light has not stop creating. It has obeyed God since and is continuing to expand in the universe today as Science has proven that.

What is it that you have been dreaming (aspiring to do or be) about?

What is it that you have been praying for?

Sweet Inspiration
Encouraging you today to Decree a thing and Write down the revelation given to you and you shall see it surely come to pass. Decree the word over your circumstances. See God move as He glorifies His Son Jesus through your manifested answer to prayer.

Don’t lose heart to what God has told you if you haven’t seen it come to pass yet. FOR IT SHALL SURELY COME TO PASS.

Here is a link that you can check out with prayer decrees to encourage you.

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Decree a thing~
Kingdom Artist,
Jen Page

Prayer Changes Things