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Israel Forever-w/t words

Israel Forever

Israel - Land of Inheritance and Promise

Israel has been for many years a place of controversy, a place where the world has been watching for almost a century because of the ability to broadcast information so quickly with television these days. It is a small piece of land compared to places of America, Canada, Europe, India, and so on. While physically so small, it is so big spiritually in the hearts of people around the world because of the Spiritual Rich history and background which Israel was birthed into at the time the promise was given to Abraham in the book of Genesis. As well as the future to come with Israel with the return of the King.
His Decree

As Israel is a center of the world’s interests, so also the Holy Bible. There has been no middle ground with Israel (Jewish people included) and the Holy Bible because it brings about either a feeling of embrace and love for, or an offense.

Why is it that? The main reason I think it's becuase of  Jesus who is called the Christ, Jesus who is the Messiah, who is also pure Jewish. He came from the land of Israel, The Land promised to the Jewish People by G-D himself when he first spoke to Abraham. A land that was given to the Jewish people in the time when Joshua was their leader right after Moses died. The door was opened for them to receive their land that was promised to them 400 plus years prior. (Referrences from the Books of Gensis to Judges in the Holy Bible)

You get to read all the amazing Testimonies that G-D did since in the Land of Israel; From Samson the strongest man, to King David the slayer of a Giant, Elijah the prophet, to King Solomon the Wises and richest man of his day around the world at that time. To so much more in between until you get to Jesus who came to show us what LOVE looked like, to show us a living example of how to love people, and to LOVE G-D before He died in our place as he was innocent when he chose to die for us because He LOVED us so much thinking of you and me. Thankfully NOW he is Alive, risen as death couldn’t hold him down. Now we can have a relationship with G-D because of Jesus the mediator between G-D and man.

His Return
When Jesus who is Jewish came, He didn’t come to do away with the law, as today I believe He would still do what the word says about the celebration of feasts,Sabbath days and the sorts expect there is no longer a need for the sacrificing of animals as Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice for the atonement for our sins. As some Jewish Scholars think that becoming a believer in the Messiah Jesus means to do away with the law(to which they were given some bad examples over the years by some Christ Followers or those who proclaimed to be,but not a christ follower at all), but that’s NOT true. Jesus even said that he came to fulfill the law as he practiced them During his time on earth from Sabbath to the feasts to be an example to us. One day Jesus will come back as the word says in many scriptures to which you can read at this link
Return of the King-2

 Israel still has a bright future ahead because Jesus is coming back to rule and reign for a thousand years.

Israel Forever-

Right now, I felt lead to write this because of what’s been going on with Israel, and governments getting involved in trying to take away land from the Jewish people to which is rightfully their land. My heart goes out to them, praying for the Peace of Jerusalem. The Shalom of G-D to come on the land. I thought, how we can love on the Jewish people who have been suffering from wars, and more because of lack of support from those in high positions and or terrorists to which have taunted them. Well we can support by praying for them, praying for peace, supporting them in their needs. I may NOT be able to do anything to stop what’s been going on, but prayer may reach the far ends of the earth and touch the lives of the Jewish people or pray also for Those who have lived in kayos and confusion because of their dogma up bringing who have terrorized the Jewish people or cut them off in their ungodly teachings that go against the promise to which the Lord gave the Jewish people.

I’m reminded to which the word says in Genesis 12:3 ~I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you. ”

The Watchman
For G-D who is Merciful is also a righteous Judge. TO which anyone who encouraged having the Jewish people having their land taken away is sowing seeds of that repercussion in their own land.
In Harmony

If you’re a believer who lives in a land to which you support Israel, but the government has failed to support Israel, I encourage you to draw close to G-D and Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, Peace to the people of the land of Israel and ask G-d how you can support them, how you can love on them.  As Christ followers grafted in with the Jewish believers I believe that G-D will protect his people on the Days ahead when Judgment hits as the word will be fulfilled. Remember too that in those days to keep your eyes on Jesus in the midst of trials. Don’t blame G-D for the bad things that happen, for Satan is the one behind evil things that happen.  
Resounding Victory

By the way, this is No surprise to G-D, the end is always victorious, and Jesus will come back to defeat the Devil. For what’s behind such hatred against the Jewish people and Christ followers is the Devil. For the word says in: Eph 6:12  For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

Don’t hate the Muslims either, but instead pray for them, that they too would receive Jesus as their Lord and savior, for the Muslims are also from the seed of Abraham.  They themselves seek heaven and to be right with G-D(although they believe in a different G-D), but they themselves have no assurance of heaven even unto death. So I pray that the Spirit of G-D shows them with his mercy the truth of Jesus who is the Messiah and the Truth of the one true G-D. He is the only way to G-D the maker of heaven and earth, the only way to receive eternal life. As the word says:

John 14:6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

Side note: To the Muslim reader:
You can see the linage of Jesus hear as He is the Messiah to who is a descendant of Abraham: 

Israel Forever-

Israel is G-D Promised Land, and people. Israel still has a future and a place where G-D says that during the thousands years, the people of the earth is to celebrate Feast of Tabernacles. More Scriptures related to the thousand year reign of Christ:

Sounds of the Shofar

Grafted In
The Jewish people and I believe to add to that is those grafted in are the apple of
G-d’s eye. (Read-Zechariah 2:8) I wouldn’t want to poke G-D in the eye by taken away the land, or hurting his people if they end up living elsewhere. Rather I would Love what He LOVES.  I for one Love G-D,Love HIS People,Love the land that is so blessed as his Glory reigned over the land for thousands of years. I support Israel! Israel is Forever!

Below is links to bless you as well as ways you can show your support to Israel.
Praise HIM

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Ministries that support the Jewish people:

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G-D~ is out of respect to the Jewish people. It means "GOD "who is the creator of us all.

The border of the Land in the Art pieces is the fullness of the borders that G-D promised to the Jewish people,NOT the borders of today in the present. As I agree with G-D.

United in Christ
Thank YOU- LET us Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.
Israel Forever

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  1. Good writing Jen.
    I think Israel is forever as well. As are we
    I was just reading after an article about the war in Israel this comment written by by one who hates Israel these short words. "Israel has no past", then his next post Israel "and no future"
    Both lies of the enemy who hates both Israel and we who are the grafted in ones