Saturday, March 31, 2012



“Love and Unity” ~ what does that mean to you and I today? Lately these past few weeks the Lord has been ministering to me about Love and Unity within the Body of Christ.

Loving the unlovable or loving those that don’t reach back with love in action. While reconciling with others to bring about unity in the greater body of Christ. I see this as also the heart of God... As these scriptures below states...

John 13:34

New International Version (NIV)

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.


Mark 12:30-31

New International Version (NIV)

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with your entire mind and with all your strength. ‘The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. ‘There is no commandment greater than these.”


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Another Reference to look up is   1 Corinthians 13


And to come together is Unity. As Unity is also a love in action. I have read this in both God’s word, the Holy Bible, and in “Journal of the Unknown prophet” A book by Author Wendy Alec in which she recorded what God spoke to her about people groups, regions, and subjects such as Love and Unity in the body of Christ.

The lord has been speaking to me on unity along with Visions of seeing the brethren coming together. Seeing the sleeping Giant arise and awake.

My kids and I recently watched this kid movie “Happy Feet 2”.

The clip here is in reference to below statement

I saw God’s LOVE in action in this movie and felt the spirit of God in this Movie. This movie was both portraying Love and Unity. My kids could pick up on that. It caused us to see the prophetic future of the churches, the ministries, and the Christian believers coming together as one. Tears came rolling down my face as we watched the movie.

 My 14 yr. son wrote this statement shortly after watching the movie to post on his FaceBook to spread the love and unity message to others:~~ I believe that there is a prophetic meaning in this song. Say all of the animals in this video, all the different kinds, are all of the different parts of the body of Christ the huge shelf of ice is a barrier set in place by Satan Designed to keep us separated. If all of the body of Christ is unified we can overcome these barriers together. Satan tries his best to keep the body of Christ separated from each other. If we are isolated we are in trouble, if we are together we overcome. The little penguin represents i believe the children in the body of Christ. When the mother penguin started to sing a little bit less than a minute into the song, i believe that represents all prayer warriors, singing in tongues.~~

With the above subjects, the lord has lead me to paint these paintings this week. “Love” and “Unity”

For Love:

A painting recently made using a mix-media of different paints and tools.  The main message in this painting is Love. This leaves a mark, an impression of the fathers love to his people. We can leave a mark in this world by being a vessel of love to Glorify God to bring others closer to him and reveal the truth in Love to them to set them free.

We can love the unlovable. We can love our self’s to which Jesus lives inside of us. Love covers all. LOVE that is what God is made up of. His main DNA is love. My prayer is that God pours more of His LOVE into me so that I can LOVE others better. LOVE them into the kingdom of God.

I Corinthians 13~ I encourage to read about LOVE today.

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I asked Holy Spirit how I can portray a painting on Unity. And He gave me this. These are two different living plants that  produce good fruit. An olive tree and a grape vine. These represent believers Connected to the Heart of God. You can see earth within the heart. The Rock stands on the earth to which the Cross sits on and the Jewish symbol sets behind the cross in the sky to which represents A Jewish believer in Yeshua. The Tree type of each is shaking hands with one another Honoring each other. The 2 different types of anointing become one. I also did a study and learned that there are many more types of both grapes and olives. It was fitting to add the different types in.

God is calling his people into Unity. As He says in many scripture references to His word to which I encourage you to look up: Psalm 133:1, John 17,Eph 4:13, Col 3:14. 

My Favorite is Jesus praying for us believers to be unified which in John 17. I’m sure you can find more on Unity. <but this is a few powerful LOVE statements that God is calling His children to come together.

How do we do that? Lift each other up instead of tearing them down. Honor one another, thinking others more highly than yourself.

If the Chinese Christians and the African Christians and the Asian and Middle Eastern Christian’s can come together, then what are we waiting for? How can we be more effective in reaching the lost, then us having LOVE for one another in brotherly and sisterly love in Christ?

We have been sleeping for far too long. Let us Love each other and honor one another as though we are loving and honoring Christ Jesus. I have been learning about Honoring, learning that God can use a child to minister. God can use that unknown in your church to bless many in the church if just given them a chance. He can change a city with Unified Pastors not competing against one another. He can use anyone of us with a willing heart after Christ. To have a willing heart to serve him and have a willing heart to lay down their life for him.

Unity, I am willing. Are you?


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Pursuit of LOVE and UNITY~
Kingdom Artist,
Jen Page

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fly! Soar with the King! He’s Got your back!

Fly!  Soar with the King! He’s Got your back!

"Isaiah 40"


Recently I came across scripture In Exodus 19:4: 'You yourselves have seen what I did to Egypt, and how I carried you on eagles' wings and brought you to myself.

Through Research I learned that the Parent eagles when teaching the young to fly and when the young is still in the new stages of flying until they leave there parents, the parent eagle fly’s underneath their young spreading their wings protecting them from predators and guiding them alone the way and catching them by their wings. The parent eagle is willing to take the first hit by predators and be by their young when in flight until they are old enough to fly on their own.

Added Research ~this comment is by Matthew Henry:
I bore you on eagles’ wings, a high expression of the wonderful tenderness God had shown for them. It is explained, Deut. 32:11, 12. It denotes great speed. God not only came upon the wing for their deliverance (when the set time was come, he rode on a cherub, and did fly), but he hastened them out, as it were, upon the wing. He did it also with great ease, with the strength as well as with the swiftness of an eagle: those that faint not, nor are weary, are said to mount up with wings as eagles, Isa. 40:31. Especially, it denotes God’s particular care of them and affection to them. Even Egypt, that iron furnace, was the nest in which these young ones were hatched, where they were first formed as the embryo of a nation; when, by the increase of their numbers, they grew to some maturity, they were carried out of that nest. Other birds carry their young in their talons, but the eagle (they say) upon her wings, so that even those archers who shoot flying cannot hurt the young ones, unless they first shoot through the old one. Thus, in the Red Sea, the pillar of cloud and fire, the token of God’s presence, interposed itself between the Israelites and their pursuers (lines of defense which could not be forced, a wall which could not be penetrated): yet this was not all; their way so paved, so guarded, was glorious, but their end much more so: I brought you unto myself. They were brought not only into a statue of liberty and honor, but into covenant and communion with God. Henry, Matthew, Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Bible, (Peabody, MA: Hendrickson Publishers) 1997.

Then I wept thinking how much God loves me. How when I need a mentor He is right their teaching me. Or he connects me with Mentors willing to teach and train me as I’m a teachable person so that I can be right with God and impart to others more effectively.

 God knows that I’m a visual hand’s on student. Learning by seeing and doing hands on in the experience. Some people read instructions first and get it, while others learn just by watching. And so on. God made all of us unique on how we learn, function and what we give back to this world through God’s love.

I have learned that I am still discovering who I am in the uniqueness that God made me to be and where I’m headed. But one thing is that I have a dream. And I see my future ahead even if only in part. I dream big because God is big. I’m sure God is probably saying dream even bigger still.

As a prophetic person who still feels like a student in the prophetic, I see myself as an eagle learning to fly, and now I know more than ever that I’m not alone in flying in both learning and when I do mature in my gifting because I will be in the company of like minded people to be Iron sharpen Iron to me and to them being held accountable and under right covering.

God put a love of encouraging others in me to pull out of them the seed hidden within them that was placed there to be revealed so that seed can grow and blossom. He has blessed me with having different Mentors here and there to encourage me along the way these past 9 plus years or so when I started to go deeper on the prophetic through people that God connected me with to grow that seed in me. I’m still a growing tree in the river of God as he faithfully teaches me and connects me with his Mentors.

Jesus my King is my Ultimate Mentor/Teacher. He sent his Holy Spirit to help me. To teach me knowing that my heart wants to change the world through God’s love and be apart in that end time army. ~ Apart of the Voice of the many voices crying out in the wilderness preparing the way for the Lord’s return.

In whatever your calling is whatever unique path God has ordained for you. Just know that when you’re seeking God. Like that of

Matthew 6:33

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

That He won’t leave you hanging. He will give you what you need and what he placed in your heart so that you can see the desires of your heart manifested. Are you in need of a Mentor, a student seeking a teacher? Ask God. He will send the right ones as well as Lead you for HE is the Ultimate mentor.
Having a mentor helps you create a learning culture in your life, they’re a source of support and advice, they encourage you to formally set goals, they give you inspiration and a different perspective, and they help you expand your network.

Are you a Mentor? Then I encourage you to keep leading, teaching and training because they will get it. Thank you by the way for mentoring as I know how much I’ve needed them and still do.
With all of that said here is an encouraging Art piece called

“Isaiah 40:31”

Scripture Picture: "Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength, they will soar on wings like eagles: They will run and not go weary, they will walk, and not be faint."

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Fly like an Eagle,
~Kingdom Artist
Jen Page

Saturday, March 17, 2012



A Subject that the Lord has taught me hands on through different situations in my life so far. Forgiveness for me began with an understanding of God’s Love for me. I was introduced to Jesus as a child through visual media such as King of Kings movie, Jesus movie, and other visual resources including the Bible to which my parents and Sunday school teachers read to me. My parents telling me about Christ also helped. So at the tender age of 5 yrs. I gave my heart to him. That’s when my relationship began with Jesus.

I remember being a little evangelist at my elementary school telling others about Jesus. Then it was a few years after that maybe even less then, that I began to experience rejection from other kids in school. That feeling of Rejection I knew quite well over the years as that continued even at times with Adults. And Yes, Rejection within the Religious walls of the church. But that’s Religion, not the Kingdom way. Hurting people hurt people until they get healed themselves.

Again through rejection experiences, Jesus became my best friend. Compassion was birthed in my heart through those experiences.

Then I had gone through other dark things as a kid, a teen, and as an adult at times that brought on hurt and pain. And the Lord revealed to me that through forgiving those that hurt me, and through forgiving myself for the wrong I did to me and to others, that forgiveness brought HEALING.

Those wounds that were once their because of unforgiveness and bitterness, GOT completely healed through the LOVE of GOD with Forgiveness.

To forgive starts with a choice. You may still feel the pain if it is still present when that situation of the memory come up, but just take the step to choose to Forgive to even praying a blessing on the person or persons who hurt you will release you to freedom from that pain or hurt. It’s the key to unlock the chains of bondage that held you there through unforgiveness and bitterness.

Jesus himself is the ultimate example of FORGIVENESS. Jesus Died for the sins of the people of this world. He died for all of us, and He was innocent when He did. YET, He forgave us. He showed that already even while he was being hung on the cross. As it says Luke 23:34
Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” ..

Did you know that Satan lies to people in thinking that holding on to unforgiveness of that situation or unforgiveness to a person that their hurt by would make them feel better because they are thinking that they are getting revenge by holding on to the hurt that was done to them. They think that by NOT forgiving that person who hurt them, that the other person would feel their pain. Or the other person would feel anything at all. Truth is Satan wants to keep people in bondage through UNforgiveness so he can torment them even more. Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy. He starts with stealing a person’s Joy, then Destroying their hope, then killing their dream and vision of what God created them to be.

So I encourage you to take the steps to forgive.
-Did you lose your Joy? You know you can get that back.
-Is your Hope gone? Yes, you can get that back too.
And the rest will follow.

When you forgive, the true feeling of feeling the forgiveness will begin to manifest. Sometimes that feeling will take awhile, but it will happen. It comes a lot quicker by praying blessings over those that hurt you.
Plant seeds of forgiveness and your harvest will be Forgiveness back to you along with all the goodness that comes with it.
Simply put Jesus says this to us: Matthew 6:14-15
(NIV) ~For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.
Just by doing a word study on Forgiveness in the Bible, You can find a long list From Old Testament to the New Testament on Forgiveness.
Because God knows that closes a door on the devil and opens the door of FREEDOM to the person who needs healing. God Loves seeing people Set Free.
With all of that said. God has totally grown so much LOVE in my heart because forgiveness has a place there.

I’m still learning New things through forgiveness and other hands on experiences through my own life now and through ministering to others. I have seen God do some amazing things through my life and others because Forgiveness was in operation.


This Art piece is a biblical illustration from: Luke 7: 36-50 ~of A woman who lived a sinful life, but She sought after the one who could heal her heart from the weight of the sins ~ Jesus. Who has forgiven her, and he expects the same from us. For he says do as I do. Even greater shall we do because that’s what Jesus said.

From one who is Forgiven,
Kingdom Artist,
Jen Page

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Saturday, March 10, 2012


2012 A new year to start Blogging. Normally I Face Book, And Face Book, and Face Book some more. But I'm getting out of my comfort zone and branching out.

Let's start with an introduction. My name is Jennifer Page. And I am a Kingdom Artist. I love to paint, draw, photography, and graphics. Not to mention seeing people get touched by God through the Arts.

The Arts have always being a language of expression for me. When I am silent I can speak loud and clear with Love of course through the arts. Art is a universal language. And using it for the Kingdom of God can make a great Impact in the lives of people.

Just take the simple Image of the cross. Yes the cross. It became a symbol for all humanity, a lasting symbol that has touched the lives of many. A symbol that has been controversial as well like that of recent years where some groups of people got offended at the site of the Cross. The Cross didn’t say a word, but the visual site brought about a feeling to cause an offense to someone or embrace repentance to another.

Jesus did die on the cross over 2000 years ago. But the truth remains. The testimony of His life and Death has been printed on the cross. A symbolic art piece if you will. Jesus is alive now.

He is no longer hanging on the cross. But he is sitting at the right hand of GOD the father, the creator of heaven, earth and everything in the universe both spiritual and physical. He will SOON return. Return for those who are prepared for his coming. As I wait for his return.

Through one of my best languages, The Arts- I call others to be prepared with me. I call others to be reconciled to GOD who loves them. To be spared from Hell, a place where GOD is NOT, but only sorrow and pain. I shout out how much He GOD LOVES you and me. That YOU and I have a place to call home. A place with Jesus Christ. To have adventures with GOD now and much more in Heaven. Jesus Not only came to die in place of what we had deserved because we have ALL sinned. He came so that we might have life, to live in the fullness of His abundance.

What does that look like? For my testimony which is still an unfinished book, still being written. In what pages of my life that I have made so far, abundance in the Fullness of what the Bible promises has been to me: Knowing who I am. Having a secure place of knowing where I am going. An adventure of stepping into NEW exciting places and activities that GOD directs me in. It’s having a relationship with Jesus Christ. And that’s only the beginning.

My posts will be my visual love language. Jesus and His Love for you! ~Giving you resources, scriptures, insights, and my transparent walk, plus testimonies to encourage you along your journey.

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With that Said. This Blog’s First Image post is “At Calvary”, the image of the Cross.

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Kingdom Artist,
Jen Page
"At Calvary"