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A Subject that the Lord has taught me hands on through different situations in my life so far. Forgiveness for me began with an understanding of God’s Love for me. I was introduced to Jesus as a child through visual media such as King of Kings movie, Jesus movie, and other visual resources including the Bible to which my parents and Sunday school teachers read to me. My parents telling me about Christ also helped. So at the tender age of 5 yrs. I gave my heart to him. That’s when my relationship began with Jesus.

I remember being a little evangelist at my elementary school telling others about Jesus. Then it was a few years after that maybe even less then, that I began to experience rejection from other kids in school. That feeling of Rejection I knew quite well over the years as that continued even at times with Adults. And Yes, Rejection within the Religious walls of the church. But that’s Religion, not the Kingdom way. Hurting people hurt people until they get healed themselves.

Again through rejection experiences, Jesus became my best friend. Compassion was birthed in my heart through those experiences.

Then I had gone through other dark things as a kid, a teen, and as an adult at times that brought on hurt and pain. And the Lord revealed to me that through forgiving those that hurt me, and through forgiving myself for the wrong I did to me and to others, that forgiveness brought HEALING.

Those wounds that were once their because of unforgiveness and bitterness, GOT completely healed through the LOVE of GOD with Forgiveness.

To forgive starts with a choice. You may still feel the pain if it is still present when that situation of the memory come up, but just take the step to choose to Forgive to even praying a blessing on the person or persons who hurt you will release you to freedom from that pain or hurt. It’s the key to unlock the chains of bondage that held you there through unforgiveness and bitterness.

Jesus himself is the ultimate example of FORGIVENESS. Jesus Died for the sins of the people of this world. He died for all of us, and He was innocent when He did. YET, He forgave us. He showed that already even while he was being hung on the cross. As it says Luke 23:34
Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” ..

Did you know that Satan lies to people in thinking that holding on to unforgiveness of that situation or unforgiveness to a person that their hurt by would make them feel better because they are thinking that they are getting revenge by holding on to the hurt that was done to them. They think that by NOT forgiving that person who hurt them, that the other person would feel their pain. Or the other person would feel anything at all. Truth is Satan wants to keep people in bondage through UNforgiveness so he can torment them even more. Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy. He starts with stealing a person’s Joy, then Destroying their hope, then killing their dream and vision of what God created them to be.

So I encourage you to take the steps to forgive.
-Did you lose your Joy? You know you can get that back.
-Is your Hope gone? Yes, you can get that back too.
And the rest will follow.

When you forgive, the true feeling of feeling the forgiveness will begin to manifest. Sometimes that feeling will take awhile, but it will happen. It comes a lot quicker by praying blessings over those that hurt you.
Plant seeds of forgiveness and your harvest will be Forgiveness back to you along with all the goodness that comes with it.
Simply put Jesus says this to us: Matthew 6:14-15
(NIV) ~For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.
Just by doing a word study on Forgiveness in the Bible, You can find a long list From Old Testament to the New Testament on Forgiveness.
Because God knows that closes a door on the devil and opens the door of FREEDOM to the person who needs healing. God Loves seeing people Set Free.
With all of that said. God has totally grown so much LOVE in my heart because forgiveness has a place there.

I’m still learning New things through forgiveness and other hands on experiences through my own life now and through ministering to others. I have seen God do some amazing things through my life and others because Forgiveness was in operation.


This Art piece is a biblical illustration from: Luke 7: 36-50 ~of A woman who lived a sinful life, but She sought after the one who could heal her heart from the weight of the sins ~ Jesus. Who has forgiven her, and he expects the same from us. For he says do as I do. Even greater shall we do because that’s what Jesus said.

From one who is Forgiven,
Kingdom Artist,
Jen Page

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