Monday, April 30, 2012

Let’s Make War

“Let’s Make War”

Warrior Bride of Christ
Lately I have been at a place in the battle field, facing the Giants in the land. I was having my ups’ and down’s in this battle field, but thankfully God surrounds me with Warrior’s who encourage me to get up and fight. My spiritual muscles are getting strengthened through this transition. Where I had been weak, I feel the Strength of God come in.

Laughter, I must say has been one of those strengths. Last night was Classic example. I went to church feeling the heavy weight of despair in the not knowing where I am to live with so little time left, But I didn’t just sit there and allow the weight of despair over take me, I went to worship God anyways, And praise God through Worship, God began to strengthen me. Laughter overtook me. And Now My armor is back on to fight.

Warrior's Heart
I feel the excitement, I feel the host of Angels with their flaming swords surround me and go before me. I’m reminded of how much bigger God is. And how He doesn’t leave me nor forsake me. He fights for me. How, I still feel that He will open up the floodgates of heaven of Blessing on my behalf because he loves me.

I feel like through this process, He is taken that sand paper and rubbing things off of me that have hindered me down for so long. The in-between process is causing a shift to take place in me. The Giants that seemed so big, have now looked so small. As the God of the living, the dead and the Universe has Got my back. He squashes those Giants that have taunted me.
Armor of God

I’m pressing in and moving forward. I’m still packing and know that God is going to show up for me in this process. I’m still going to go to my promise land. 

These songs have ministered to me that lifts me up and gets my armor back on to fight. Rick Pino~ You’re an Army.

Warrior Angel
I’m also reminded of scriptures such as Psalm 91 which is a place in the word that pertains to protection.

Mine lately has been this move, but I’m sure for some reading this it can be a great many different things to which you feel the giants of the land taunting you. Things such as health problems, money problems, family problems, addictions, and so on, But I encourage you to get back up. I encourage you to look to God (JESUS) your deliverer, to worship him, to put your armor back on. I encourage you to get surrounded by believers who have greater faith and have been through the flames already to fight with you, to encourage you. Surround yourself with faith filled people. Where you have lacked in faith, you will begin to increase in your faith.
Winter Rest

Remove the influences in your paths to which have knocked you down. Be like the tree planted among living waters, as it says in Psalm 1:1-3

Tree of Life

Just know that you’re NOT alone in the battlefield. Don’t give up!!! Get your armor back on and FIGHT!

I will be on the battlefield with you. Together we can pray for one another, encourage one another.

I would love to pray for you, if you have a pray need please leave a comment below as I will lift you up with my prayers. I will pack and pray this week for you.

Look for the latest blogs above to see updates of How I got through this battle,of new works,and New insights to encourage you by.

Victory Sheild

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Let’s make war!
Kingdom Artist,
Jen Page
Rightouse Armor

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