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Delivered from Darkness

Delivered from Darkness-

Now living in FREEDOM!

Freedom that I’m referring to in this Blog is Freedom from Sin, and Death, and Freedom from the torment of darkness. Part of this is my testimony from the deliverance of Darkness.

God is calling His Bride (The Church) to be without spot or wrinkle before he returns for the Church (the Bride-a metaphor so to speak of the Believers in Christ). As a Christian for over 30 plus years now, I only recently learned in my late 20’s of a Believer in Christ having a demonic spirit. It was rough at first for me to take it in to believe that I had the enemy (Satan) tormenting me from within. But I learned that He is able to torment a person through the soul (the mind, will and the emotions), and their body.
Set Free

Satan can’t however enter in to a person’s Spirit (Those who receive the Spirit man when they get Saved-Accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior to which some call being born again).

While living in Germany in 2004’, a team of Deliverance ministers came to various church’s teaching the believers that a Christian can have a demon, doing curse breaking and setting the captives Free! For the First time in my Christian walk to which I was already filled and baptized in the Holy Spirit at that time, A Demon had manifested through me, My Body unable to move as though I was in spiritual chains. That thing came out of me, and I began to fill lighter since I first went through the process of getting free. For When it left, More of God’s presence came in.

Since moving back to the USA, to California in 2005’, The Lord lead me to another ministry slightly different in how they lead others to get Free from the bondage of the enemy, but it was very effective and deep to which I had needed at that time from 2005- January 2009.

Like an Onion I was being peeled layer by layer removing the Junk in the Trunk, Removing the strong holds of the enemy. Because of Years of built up of the bondage of the enemies lies and the Generational Curses of the line of my parents, The Lord lead me through more cleansing from the enemy and I’m thankful that I’m under a covering now at my church to which believes in deliverance with a healthy balance of the fivefold ministry as well.

Little by little, territory by territory, I conquered the land in my heart like the Israelites’ conquering the Land little by little in the days of Joshua and the time of the kings in Israel. (Read Old Testament in Holy Bible) I’m reminded that they didn’t get ALL their land all at once in a day, but they took ground conquering more and more the land promised to them.
Freedom Forgiveness

God has thankfully set me free from many different strong holds that I had once had. I’m ready if in the future there is more land to be conquered in me for the Lord to live in. But I’m thankful for what he has done already in my life now. I had a lot of Fears, Rejections, Jezebel, Control, Pride, Anger, addictions as well as other things. ~ A list to which I’m NOT proud of as there was more that I got free from, but I have compassion on those now who need to get Free today, Compassion if they are in the process of getting Free now and Compassion on those who are walking in bondage.

After several sessions or times of going through Inner Healing and Deliverance, I was able to begin to fulfill my calling. The Holy Spirit took more room in my heart filling me up with Faith to begin to run the race in my call. Each time A New layer of the lies of the enemy is removed, The Veil is removed and I see more clearly, my heart is filled up of more of him.

Think of it as a Believer in Christ being a Jar of Sand (The Sand is the Darkness of the enemy) with just enough room on the top to have water (Water represents the Spirit of God). Every time you get set free from the Bondage lie of the enemy to which that strong hold is, you get more sand out of the Jar allowing more room for the Spirit of God to fill the heart of the person.

My heart before Christ’s return is to be without spot or wrinkle.

Breaking Free
I Declare though- I AM FREE! I feel a huge difference from when I first started the process in 2004’, as my mind has also been renewed in Christ, Allowing Holy Spirit to fill me up. More LOVE has entered my heart. More Faith, More of God’s goodness dwelling within me, allowing me to reach out and LOVE others Because God fills my heart with His. I ask Lord for more growing from Glory to Glory.

The Process of Freedom for me was First accepting that I needed to get Free, Breaking Curses off my life, and forgiving the pains of the past bringing healing to the wounded places of my heart (Inner Healing) and then Getting free from the Enemy’s strong hold (Deliverance from a demon) as He then had no longer a legal right to stay since I had made each step prior. Now it’s just staying FREE!

I can only direct you to other links to help you on your journey to get Free. To study for yourself what I’ve experienced. As this was only a nugget given in this Blog, I pray it helped to draw closer to God and understand that ‘Jesus LOVES YOU!!
Forgiven-Record of Sins

~Let Holy Spirit be your guide, He will also confirm his word to you in what I’m saying:

~For some of these Links, I haven’t personally used, but saw them as similar in my experiences that has helped me. Their may be more deliverance ministries that I missed or even curse breaking, but these are but a few you can check out.

~Breaking Family Strongholds - (Breaking Generational Curses)

                        Freemasonry curse breaking -

Ministries you can check out for yourself as I encourage you to research:


Hebrew primitive word meaning to Freedom:  is to be free, be freed

Hebrew primitive word meaning to Deliverance: to leave, go way from one

Music- Jason Upton-“Freedom”

Music-John Waller- Our God Reigns Here!


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