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The Greatest of these is LOVE.


Faith Hope and Love are three strong words that many know of experience and are tested with. This week was just that, a place where Holy Spirit shows me just what I need to surrender and submit to.

Recently I experienced my Hope and faith test, to which I pray I passed as I can say that I’m here. Now it has been on LOVE. My love walk lately had not been so good. I was on the edge with being a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal realizing my need for change as Holy Spirit showed me this past week.
Renew Me

But through the Grace of God and His great love for me, thankfully he doesn’t let me get away with that. As any good parent wouldn’t let their own kids get away with things that aren’t right.

I had been going through a sifting so to speak during the process of this transition which has shown what my strengths and weakness have been. I can’t say that I’m bold enough to give you a list of my dirty laundry of my needing to fix love walk in detail. But I can say that I allow Holy Spirit to get me back on track. I can only pray that I will grow from glory to glory.  Through all that I have been through, through all that I’m going through now, and through where I am headed my prayer is that LOVE be in charge and LOVE be the motivation through my present and future. For without LOVE, I am Nothing.

Seasons of the Heart

LOVE brings everything good together. LOVE covers multitudes of sins. LOVE is the reason I do what I am doing right now reaching to you all as my heart is for you to connect closer to God who is pure LOVE. His D.N.A is LOVE.

He made everything we know and more just to be with us because He LOVES us. He sent His one and Only Son Jesus Christ to die on our behalf just so that We can be with him by simply taking the steps to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and savior believing what He did for us, And asking Him to forgive us of our sins.

Jesus is LOVE
Simply by asking and doing this process do we get to experience HIS LOVE. WOW~ what an awesome and easy way to get Close to LOVE. To be rescued by LOVE. Jesus because He is the Son of God is also the makeup DNA of LOVE. He freely gave his life for us. For He himself longs to be with us.

So knowing all of this, and being reminded this week through His word, through others that God uses to remind me of LOVE, I can be transparent with you and gladly draw from the well of the heart of GOD His LOVE. Obtaining this, LOVE~ Is surrendering the need for change and be willing to change and spending time with LOVE, In others words time with God who is LOVE, and recognizing the need for change to be aware of one’s actions to position oneself to change.

No matter the time clock on my day, just by take-in time for him, by surrendering, I get filled up with His LOVE and allow LOVE to take over. Then my day works together for Good. And my closes around me gets blessed because I respond in LOVE.

~ Less of ME and MORE of HIM. ~ LOVE.

Flamming Passion
Greatest is He who is in me than He who is in the world. As the Bible already says, the greatest of these is LOVE.

Here is a Link below to which I felt lead to share as I normally don’t do this, but this teaching on LOVE was so good, I just had to share.  Holy Spirit grabbed me through this, I know that if you’re willing to draw closer to God and Need some work, He will grab you too and do a heart change of motive on LOVE as He greatly loves you and only wants the best for you. As His Best is better than what you can imagine for yourself.


Faith* Hope *Love

The Greatest of these is LOVE.

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Motivated by LOVE,

Kingdom artist,

Jen Page

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