Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Mother’s Heart

A Mother’s Heart

Mothers' Heart ~ Illustrated Poetry

Her Sweet smile that lights the room
Warm touch to chase the gloom
Are but a few memories’ I hold near
Of my Mom that’s Love so dear
Laughter the puts a twinkle in her eye
Always quick to answer a child’s cry
God’s soft heart from above,
Found in her warm love.
Tutor, Teacher, friend
Soft and wise to the very end
 God knows what is needed right from the very start,
He placed it all in a Mother’s Heart.
This poem is in honor of my Mom, My imperfect Mom who gave me life, who loved on me and showed me unconditional love. My mom, Who cooked and cleaned for me, who took time to listen to me, to Not only discipline me when I needed, but also was a friend to me.

She always encouraged me, believed that I could do anything. My Mom growing up as a child was the best and of course the only mom I have ever had. She showed me how to be strong as she had her own troubled past who had no one to teach her the ways of love as her Mom wasn’t there for her. But my mom was able to show me love and show her strengths because of the Love of God. I can say that through it all it was God’s love pouring into her to reach me.

Growing up wasn’t the best of circumstances as a kid mainly because of finances, but  to be connected to a family that blesses one another through words of encouragement in spite of the situation that life may bring, was the best. And as words of encouragement brought healing to me in tough times, and   tough situations, to which I use on my kids today encouraging them in love. Seeing the fruit of the words take root, and watered in love. I see strengths of God’s goodness come up in them.

To be a Mom who loves God is the most important thing you can pass on to your kids, As God and His Nature of Faith and Love will carry them through in life.
Proverbs 31:10-31 says it all when describing a Godly mom.
 I must say that I have missed the mark on some things that Proverbs talks about as I am a work in progress. And I’m encouraged by the nature of God’s love for me through the examples of woman God chose to add in the importance of Descendent of Jesus lineage. As you can read about in Matthew 1 these woman were imperfect themselves yet, what was so great about them was their FAITH. They each took a step forward in Faith through there circumstances and won in the end because of it. A Generational blessing was passed on through them of the blood line of Faith.

Walk by Faith
Faith is one that I at least hold unto as a mom, teaching my kids through the action of my faith knowing that faith will be one to carry them through in life. Jesus is Faith in other words, as he is the ultimate example to us.  
For Yesterday and Today’s Imperfect Mom’s who held on to Faith.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

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A Mother’s Heart, Holding onto Faith,

Kingdom Artist,
Jen Page

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