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Worship While I Wait

“Worship While I Wait”

Heaven's Worship

Waiting, lately that has been a familiar word, And None the less NOT my favorite either as most I’m sure would agree. But I have been reminded lately through a song that Holy Spirit keeps replaying in my heart as he ministers to me.

“While I’m waiting I will worship you” by John Waller

 I was hoping to write a different subject this week, but waiting is one that I have been experiencing. Feeling the pressure and while relaying on His peace, trusting that God is going to come through for my answer. Through His word, His Spirit, and through others who encourage me, I get “Trust him” ~ He’s got something better for you. ~He will come on time.

Heart of Worship
 I hear in my heart that He will NOT leave me nor forsake me. That he will come through at the 11th hour. Just in time coming through with the best for my family and I.

As some may not know I am going through a move, a transition to be from one place to another with only 2 weeks to go. And the waiting is the where, as I look for the right place.

I’m thankful that I live in a country with choices, a freedom to choose where I can live, thankful that I have a enough funds to move where ever I am to be, thank full that I have a church family to help me move as my husband is away overseas for awhile. Thankful for many things actually such as my kids, my health, family, friends, and the fact that I get to be a part in what God is doing through the lives of others through the art. A little piece of a puzzle in the great big world as many needs Jesus.

I can say these things as a way to worship my King Jesus for the many things to be thankful for while I wait.  As I think about what The Spirit of God is speaking to my heart about. Worship being one of the keys. I think about examples of scriptures in the bible of others when they worshiped God the father; what happened? And what break through did they get?

Here is a few that has encouraged me that I encourage you to read:

The Battle of Jericho:  Read Joshua 4,5,6

 Jehoshaphat King of Judah ~~Give thanks to the LORD, for his love endures forever.” ~~ Please read the full story in : 2 Chronicles 20 Jehoshaphat Defeats Moab and Ammon

You see how the Army of God, the Israelites defeated the enemy through worship.

My Soul Longs for You

Another was

~King David facing a lot in His life through many different trials as he went to God in both prayer and worship. David was a man after God’s own heart. He relied on God to get him through those tough times which were many from being alone on the Sheppard field, to a Giant after him, to king Saul in pursuit to kill him for about 8 years or so, to armies after him, to a loss of a child, a family taken, broken relationships, a best friend’s death, a place of No rest for a time in his life, and much more.  

Yet through it all, King David held on to God. He humbled himself going lower before him and took time throughout his life in worshiping him. God brought him through each time whether it was an answered prayer that David wanted, or a wait, or a No. Yet, King David didn’t lose heart. Instead He gains a fulfilled promise which was Jesus through his descendent line.  You can read more about King David through the books such as 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, 1 Kings and 1 Chronicles. Plus read the books that He took part in writing in reverence to God: The book of Psalms

These people set examples of worship, worshiping God before they saw their break through, as they worshiped him in spirit and in truth. They worshiped him even through the tough times. Even King Saul in the old testament who was in torment in his mind at a time in his life, was able to have moments of peace because of worship. Though he may at the time didn’t sing the songs that David was singing to God in the Kings presence. The King did what you would call soaking today (listening to worship, as thoughts of praises to the lord filled his heart, mediating on him).

Soaking links for you to explore that has also helped me to enter in:

In the Light of Worship

God says in his word that He inhabits the praises of His people   Psalm 22:3

 God is already surrounded by a great many people and angels worshiping in heaven even now. Songs of worship to God is like the essence of Love and trust to him. I understand for some reading this, they would say that there is many ways to worship God In reference of course to the Holy Bible. These can be, giving, obeying what God’s word says, Love one another, and and so on .But my main focus is actually singing to him and or soaking or both.

You don’t have to sound beautiful to sing to him either. And you don’t have to memorize a worship song to sing. You can sing from your heart a new song. You can simply sing your prayer to him, how you feel about him. You can sing in the spirit or sing the scriptures to him. I’ve done all these things. And I tell you that when I have those hard pressing moments where the enemy would want to knock me down with despair, I would counter act that with worship.

This is not the first time I have been through the purification moments where pressure can do that to you. My faith in the waiting in the time I have left is been refined. I see that. I see and feel that this is just another level I need to go through before entering in to a greater of what God has for me.

In Yeshua Presence
The Israelites had to go through a few things themselves before they got to their promise land. They were getting refined for a greater of what God had for them. Great they became and great they still are today as God has blessed them. God still blesses them though they have gone through still some many trials in the testing of their faith through the persecution of others. The greatest of anything or anyone that has come from them, is Jesus. To whom I also give my worship to. As I worship Jesus who is the Christ the son of the living God, God the father and the Spirit of God, I receive His peace, His Rest, and His surpassing Joy that fills my soul going lower before him and slower in time with him through the busyness and distractions that try to come my way.

I encourage you to take some time out of your busyness to worship him. I know that when you do, you will feel better. You can worship him while driving to and from places, worship him while you clean, worship him before you go to bed. Worship him during your break from work like in your car or where ever. And of course set aside moments to take time for him just at his feet.

Are you too sick to worship him, like a cold or physically unable? Then Soak (listen to worship and focus your heart on him)

Did you go through a recent tragedy of some sort and feel it’s too hard to pick yourself up? Then Keep your eyes and heart centered to Him Who can heal those wounds of brokenness. I encourage you to play worship in your home, your car, and take time to listen to it to help you lift your spirit up. When you can, I encourage you to sing to him love songs from your heart.

Are you feeling the time crunch of something that has to be done, whether a project that needs to get done, a move, finding a Job, ect. And you know that you have already submitted these things to prayer doing everything else you could? Then Rest in worship.

I look forward to seeing my break through and while I wait, I will worship him.

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Worshiping Him While I Wait~

Kingdom Artist,
Jen Page

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