Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hello~ I'm Back

Hello everyone.
I’m back to writing again. I’ve been away for a few years laying a low a bit do to moving a few times and having a baby. Until I finish All the details of my primary website. I have redirected link to my artist website to which Fine Art America produces and ships my work around the world.
I’ve been through what seemed like a roller costar ride since my last post. But at least on those rides there is an end. And that you’re fastened to the seat so you will not fall. I have lost and gained people I’ve cared about through my absence. And I’ve been tested on forgiveness again, the whole 9 fruits of the spirit. My passion and vision was tested as well.
But as you can see, I’m here and I’ve got some new work to share with you.  Here just a few NEW pieces made this year 2014. There is more posted at


“Freedom Song”


I pray this finds you well. Look for New upcoming Blogs, subscribe to and get details on latest works, events, and discounts seasonally.
Thank you to my faithful readers,
Bless you,
Kingdom Artist,
Jennifer Page

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