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~Soaking in His Presence~
Be Still

I find that term hard sometimes, “BE STILL”. As a busy Mom of 3 kids and doing the tasks that LORD lays on my heart to do, plus the distractions among other things that can come my way, I am always moving forward and doing something being pulled from all directions sometimes.

And sometimes busy doing can put a damper on things if I didn’t take some time out, Time out to get filled up in him. I have done that far too many times and learned the hard way because of it. Because I was running on air, and I didn’t allow myself to slow down and Be STILL.

Lately that has been what the Lord has been showing me. He has been wooing me to quite places in him. Wooing me and fanning the flame in my heart causing me to take time out to BE STILL.

Waves of His Glory
The main source to which is always encouraging to do daily is praying in the spirit, and meditating on his word.  But another great source that also jumps start my time with him has been “soaking”.

Soaking, a term in Christianity that I have just learned about these past few years to which have been very beneficial for me. Causing me to pause on life’s demands and mediate on him, On Jesus. In the place of soaking, I am able to stop and listen to what He is saying to me. I let life’s worries fade away and focus on him. I fine renewed strength and Shalom come over me ~ PEACE.

Here’s 2 different links to which best describes Soaking in the Spirit-

Transforming Waters
What I do in my soaking times with him is play worship music that invites his presence in. I allow my heart to mediate on him, to which helps me enter in to worshiping him. Time slows down and peace comes to rest in me.

Soaking should NOT be the only thing that a person does in God time, but it can surely help to quite the soul, and focus on him; ~on God, on Jesus, or the Spirit of God to which is Holy Spirit.
I do encourage praying and time of getting into the word as that is nourishment for our spirit.

Today, however I encourage and challenge you to try “Soaking”.  Be Still.  You may find renewed strength in doing this. You may learn to listen to him possibly for the first time as He is always speaking. Soaking can help with the exercise of listening to him, or him showing you things revealing to you His heart.

Waves of God's Glory
Just take some time out for God. You can choose to begin God time with Soaking or end with Soaking, but never the less try an added new thing to your God time such as this and see what may come of it.

Let His cup of goodness overflow in you. Get filled up so that you have enough to pour out into others. 

Here is a really good link that has some worship music to which is soaking related to help you to enter in.

Sunset Waters

I pray you find rest in him today.

Encouraging you to take a pause on life’s demands, and soak in his presence.

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