Saturday, June 16, 2012

I call Him Daddy

I am with You Always
Daddy, Papa, Father are common names that most call their Dad’s. For me I still call my Dad Daddy even though I’m a grown married woman with kids. I’m not ashamed of how I feel about him. I’m thankful that God blessed me with my Dad who gave me life, and shared eternal life with me to which is the best gift he could have ever given to me.

My Dad had his share of struggles; one is not being able to read. His Struggle in not reading didn’t keep him from learning the most important book in the world which is living and active,” The Holy Bible”.

He was really good at listening to the bible when spoken in sermons, or others reading to him, and he was able to quote scriptures from the word though he hasn’t read anyone of them. God has used my Dad to be a light to me, the light in him to influence my walk with love and righteousness, to walk with God. His own relationship with God was the key factor in shinning the light of love to me to point the way to Jesus.

God the Father
I would love to say more as My Dad has many testimonies of His God encounters as a kid, miracles in situations as an adult, and many he has lead to the Lord to this day. My Dad is a gift in my life right now. And I honor him.

The Bible talks about Honor, and Honoring your mother and father.(Ephesians 6:2, Matthew  I5:4,Exodus 20:12) can say that for any age a child may be whether young or old Honoring your parents is important has God doesn’t take to lightly. For He says, you will have a long full life by honoring your parents.

I understand that some reading this may NOT know their parents, may have a broken relationship with their parents, May have NO relationship at all with their parents, let alone their Dad. If you’re in any of those categories, I can say that God would say to forgive( Matthew 6:14-15,1 John 1:9), forgive the pains of the past, forgive them, and Let GOD who is The Best Father that anyone can ever have, Be Daddy that you always wanted or needed.

For those who experienced a bad relationship with their earthly father, God who is also called Father God can show you in so many ways His Love to you to what Your Dad should have shown. God can heal you if you let him. He loves you and to those who accepted his son Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, God calls you son, He adopted you into His Kingdom (Ephesians 1:5, Romans 8:15) and you are called child of God.(John 1:22) 
Child of God

As child of God You get to also inherit his blessings, as any good and loving dad would do to bless his child, God does all the more. How do we get that, by simply opening your heart to God who Loves you and have a relationship with him living according to the simply instructions in His Word.

I Honor my Daddy and I honor God who is a Better Daddy than any Dad’s their ever was or ever will be as He is LOVE.  I thank God for creating me, for loving me, for showing me the way, for never leaving me. I thank God that He sent his Son Jesus Christ to die for me so that in believing in him and receiving His free gift, that I get to be with him. God wants to bless you this day and show you what it’s like to be loved, He blesses you like NO other can. He is an Amazing Father GOD.

Music Video- Rick Pino- We have the Best Dad

God LOVES you and calls you his own.

Happy Father’s Day!

And I call Him Daddy,
Kingdom Artist
Jen Page


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Father of Light Poetry

Poetry- "Father of Light"

Father of Light

Void,Dark,Earth waited, Breathless..

He spoke and there was light.

No more waiting through the Night.

Lord of Heaven's lights..

Spoke to this lowly heart.

Illuminating every part.

Father of Heaven's lights

Creator of all I see.

Created light to shine through me. (revized verison)

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