Monday, June 11, 2012

Lighting the Way

Creating Light
Lighting the way so that others can see.

Have you ever been in a situation where the lights went out do to whatever electric problem there was at the time, and you knew you needed your flash light or get the lighter and light the candles so that you can see? What about driving at night for our transportation to see clearly and be safe?

Lighting the Way
What would happen though if light wasn’t available? Your night would shift and abruptly end or you’d be stuck because you couldn’t see, or go to bed depending if you were even home. I can go on to say we use light at night for a great many things such as home, business, hospitals, light house, run ways, and so on. All of these are important.

God calls us to be a light to the world, a world that has been in darkness since the fall of man. In a sense we are like that candle, that flash light or the light in all those other places. We each carry the light of Christ within us and are used in different ways because God put in us a piece of himself. So when we follow him and follow what He has called us to do, we are light to the world in the important part to which the world needs. ~ JESUS

Just think if none of us shinned the light of Christ, many of us and the world would die, would walk in defeat, and would suffer. The order of things would be in kayos.

Salt and Light
You might be thinking just how can God use me to shine his light?

My answer to that question is to not hide Christ in you. You don’t have to be a preacher to shine his light. In fact it’s encouraged to go work at whatever your dream is to be or work in your job now.(as I tell my kids, as long as it doesn’t go against God’s word ) You can reach the person to the right or to the left of you. You can pray for them, your boss, the business and so on.
Your kids can reach other kids in school as mine already have and are still doing because they love Jesus and show His love to others.
Wherever your at now to the believers in Christ Jesus~ You are already considered a missionary in your nieghborhood,work and so on.

Tunnel of Light
Shinning your light can be as simple as wearing a Christian t-shirt (mind you when you do wear a Christian t-shirt or have a Christian symbol on your car or person in anywhere to which your professing your faith, It is encouraged to have a good attitude bearing good fruit as the world is always watching.).

Or being honest in your dealings and keeping the right change, standing for righteousness while walking in love. Tell them the Good News of the gospel. You can talk about your testimony in what God has done for you, or say a simple “Jesus Loves YOU”. You can hand them a track, or offer to pray for them. You can buy someone a meal and referring to them that Jesus loves them. There is so much creative ways to be a light to this dark world, as there are creative lights that light our way such as a flash light or house light or car and so on. Each light carries a unique purpose, but has one common substance and that is light.
Path of Light

You have a purpose, you are important and God needs you and I to light the way. God is the substance or source and we are the light carriers. I encourage you to let your light shine in whatever situation you’re in as you never know to whom that light is going to reach, or have a life saved because their path was lighted.

I’m grateful and thankful today that God used my parents ,entertainment, teachers, friends, leaders to just name a few to whom they have shined their light in my life so that I can become a light carrier (one who is saved following Jesus and having a relationship with him.) I would Not be the same without Christ in my life, without the people that He used to be tools in shaping me, and I’m grateful for everyone, and every part to which God used to get me here and what He will be using in whatever light tool to get me where he wants me to go.

Now I get to return the favor because my path has being light before me. And now I can light another person or persons path so that they may get saved and walk in God’s love and abundance. What an awesome thing to do and be a part of. Wow.
Healing Light

Purposing to be God’s friend and shinning the light to others, sharing the Good News, sharing the LOVE. Isn’t that what were made for. God made us for His good pleasure so He can enjoy us as He loves us all. He is the pure substance of LIGHT to which I would call LOVE. He is the one who gives us what we need to reach this dark world. He is. And He is able.

Encouraging you today to NOT hide that Christ in you but to light the way so that others can be able to follow the path and receive His light also.

Music video- Keb' Mo' - Let your Light Shine

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. ~ Matthew 5:16

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Lighting the Way ~
Kingdom Artist,

Light unto my Path

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