Friday, June 1, 2012

Never Alone

“Never Alone”
Friend of God

Have you ever felt alone? ~Even when there is a large crowd of people at whatever location that might be like that of; a large church, a train station, an airport, a mall, a school, or a game.  Though surrounded by people, the feeling of loneliness was present.

I have been there a few times, knowing what that feels like though only for brief moments did I feel that way because God would remind me of His presence. He would remind me that I am NOT alone In many different ways such as a simple thought, a jester from a stranger from acts of kindness, a dream, a vision, his word and or miracles that happened by healings or a larger miracles seen  or heard through testimonies of others.

God reminds me that I’m never alone. That He is always with me. Whether I have been paying attention to him or not, He is there. Matthew 28

He speaks to us through his creation ~

Lord of the Stars
(Psalm 19; Like that of the stars in the heavens, the oceans, the trees, animals, mountains and so on. Have you ever took time to gaze at the stars and learned through science that there is so many galaxies made that it made you think just how big God really is? When I’ve also had some troubled times, I was reminded even then that God is bigger than my circumstances that He alone can take care of me through them.

The bible also says that everything in the earth is His (I Corinthians 10:26, Psalm 24:1)

If everything in the earth is God’s then that would mean even the manmade objects such as land owned by men, houses, cars, food, clothes and so on are also God’s. So for that truth I can surrender my cares and worries to him as scriptures states in Matthew 6:25-34  he takes care of the flowers of the field and the birds of the air ~then how much more for you and I for he loves us all the more.

By following the simple steps in his word ~ The Holy Bible, would we then walk in all the goodness that he has for us. It’s there for us to take when we need it, as the Bible shows the way.

So not only is He a big God, but He is also a relational God, One who loves people to which he created.  He loves spending time with people, spending time with His creation like you and I.  He loves spending time with each one of us to the point that he knows our dreams, desires and the number of hairs on our head.(Luke 12:7,Matthew 10:30) He is interested in your interests and longs to show you more than what you can dream up alone.  It doesn’t matter what background you came from or what you did in your past, God is always interested in you. He made everything including you and I so that he can have a relationship with each one of us, A relationship which comes through Jesus Christ.

~Having believed and receive him as Lord and savior. My relationship with God began at a young age. I can call him my friend, my Lord and Savior, My God, My provider, my shield and protector, my creator, He is my everything to which I need as He is the source to sustain peace in me. He guides me and leads me as the word states in
Psalm 23

I’ve had some great times with him and mainly because I set aside time to spend with him.  How can we have a great time with God unless we give him time?  He is more than willing to show the mysteries to us, More than willing to pour into us him as He carries with him blessings. There is so much to unravel when spending time with God, like a present each time. And each time is different.

His Loving touch
God who is able to create the universe is also one who comes to our level to spend time with us as the art piece above ~ "Friend of God” and this one "His Loving touch" depicts Showing His loving nature towards us to which He loves.

Do you feel alone right now? Then I encourage you to call upon Jesus who will make himself real to you. As He is always present waiting with excitement and a longing to be with you as He waits for you to accept his invitation of LOVE. He is calling all of us all the time to be with him, calling us to a place of higher ground to a place of intimacy of a relationship with him. Whether you’ve been saved for many years or just now introduced to who Jesus is, God is always chasing us with his love to be with him as he has so much more in store of His Goodness for each one of us.

Friend of God~ Song by Israel Houghton:

Never Alone~ Song by Barlow Girls:
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To one who is Never alone with a surrendered heart to God ~

Kingdom Artist,

Jen Page

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For Always

Illustrated Poem~

“For Always”

For Always you will be

Very special to one as me

Someone who has shown such care

And Whenever I needed a shoulder

You were there

Sharing times and laughter too

Bringing sunshine

Making the skies a brighter blue

You have shown

Such love and warmth

That will never end

And for always

You will be

My dear friend

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